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Benetton in Tehran


humans with cloth on.

Beginning by weaving, weft and threads, a piece of fabric has emerged. Weaving can eventually be complex and generate diversity, colors, thicknesses. It can be multiplied, transformed and opened.

It makes us who we are.

Ultimately, it will become the main scheme: the structure as an envelop, the fabric provides every floor with a column free flexible slab.

Pocket gardens are articulated around stairs and ramps creating a continuous garden punctuated with fountains and balconies.

The building is aware of its environmental responsabilities: it recycles grey water, collect rain water and reuse it in the gardens.

The fabric is a double skin filtering the impact of the sun.

It is not only a commercial building.

  • Date: 2009
  • Categories: Hospitality + Leisure
  • Client: Tehran, Iran