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Gravata Resilient Farm

In Gravata, near Recife in Brazil, a family of 8 is embarking on a journey to revive an old farm. The place is designed to be as resilient as possible including an edible forest, permaculture, on site hydro energy generation, grazing pastures, water cycles management. The family village is organized as a place to gather while preserving everyone’s intimacy. The houses will be built using rammed earth, wood and hemp produced locally. The village can eventually be managed as a collective residential space with common reception facilities, gardens and sport equipments.

The project is also a place dedicated to education and arts with training facilities, an outdoor auditorium, an artist residence with an exhibition space, a lecture hall. The farm is open to the public with self contained cabins, a restaurant serving local products as well as ponds to canoe and fish. The project includes a go-ape tree climbing experience, tennis, exercise equipments and chemical-free swimming pools.

  • Date: 2022
  • Categories: Culture + Education / Planning / Residential
  • Client: Gravata, Brazil