We would like to suggest beginning the MELAngers Project with a first phase located on the industrial site. Land, available in one piece, allows for a rapid kick-off of design consultations. Furthermore, natural spaces are available in the immediate surroundings. It will give the city the possibility to promote a generation of new buildable plots which will bring on new stakeholders which will then become actors of the project.

Green spaces, parks, plots of urban farming and communal gardens will be part of an operation in which the local population will be actively involved from concept design, to usage and maintenance. Schools especially will be given priority on the urban farm in partnership with Vegepolys, because this is the future of education.

Implementing the Green Infrastructure will allow the site to be open to the public ad we believe this will be a much appreciated measure towards the users of the incubator, the Fab Lab and the Workshops. This environment will be perfectly suited to the young active population of the city of Angers.

Phase II of MELAngers Project will focus on transforming the commercial zone into a trans generational and productive neighbourhood.

The Silver Economy will be engaged as a counterpoint of Phase I where the young generation was more solicited.

The MIN (National Market) will be modernised with new premises and will be opened to the city offering public spaces connected to the other parts of the project.

The banks of the Maine will be enhanced by two decks enabling the establishment of a waterbus station and boat renting.

  • Date: 2017
  • Categories: Planning
  • Client: Angers, France